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Guitar Sound Systems' Mission Statement

Guitar Sound Systems is incorporated in Toulouse, France.

Its mission is to provide the world's guitar and bass guitar players with very compact size combined amplifier and loudspeaker products yet offering high acoustic power level. Our products' acoustic power level allows guitar and bass players to play in band with other amplified instruments, percussions, drums…

Guitar Sound Systems is developing, industrializing, getting manufactured and selling such combined amplifier and loudspeaker products integrating powerful high efficiency small loudspeakers.

The final assembly stage is performed in France.

Electronic subsystems are specifically developed to get a very powerful TOP quality sound in a minimal space (product size).

Until now guitar players could either travel with big and heavy combined amplifier and loudspeaker systems allowing them to play along with other musicians or they could travel with small practice amplifiers which would allow them to practice on their own but would not offer enough acoustic power to play with other muscians.

Guitar Sound Systems' products are sold directly online and through a shortlist of distribution partners.