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Richard Wright 15 Nov 2018
    Just received my 26B400 with a couple of cases. What can I say? Totally amazing, I normally play acoustic and fretless basses and this tiny combo makes them sing and punch. The sonic detail is beautiful and the quality of the engineering and construction is superb.
Thomas Scanlon. 22 Oct 2016
    Salut tout le monde.

Thanks to Didier for this great little Amp. I am using this for busking with the LiIon battery and some pedals.

Everything fits into one backpack.

I use just the amp for the busking, with the other cabinet it is mind blowingly good. and LOUD.

Best amp for busking by far.

Kudos, et grace a Didier.

Tom Scanlon.
Thomas Scanlon 26 Aug 2016
    J'ai commande au Didier le cabinet, l'accumeleteur, et le fils pour ca.

J'amuse de recevoir ces choses que j'ai mentionne.

Le P'tit Amp, c'est le bomb!

Lisez mon derniere poste


Tom Scanlon
Thomas Scanlon 20 Aug 2016
    Excellent little Amp that doesn't sound so little.

This thing is amazing. Put an EQ pedal and effects on it and you have a great sounding and loud Mini PA. Not to mention, ahem, guitar amp.

Great bottom end considering it's a sealed box and no porting. The sound really belies it's size.

It's also a thing of beauty. I attached a gold handle and potentiometers to mine. You have to see it!

Buy it now, don't even think about not doing so.

Supposedly, adding another cabinet, frees up another 50 watt amp and quadruples the sound logarithmatically ie, another 6db or so. Mind boggling. Have to get it.

Best thing I have ever bought.

Tom Scanlon

Dan, guitar player on 05G200 17 Oct 2014
    I find this amp is very useful, small and light weight. It can be set anywhere: you plug it into a wall socket, set the volume pot and that's it. Its sound is very good and powerful. Setting the volume pot to mid position is way enough to play with drums and bass. I connected it to a multi-effect processor and got amazed at how neat the sound was in various configurations.
Patrice, guitar player on 05G200 10 Oct 2014
    Incredible sound quality and power for such a small amp ! Excellent sound. Powerful enough to play in a band, even when playing solos. I tried it during 3 hours with six other musicians (drums, bass, keyboard, two saxophones, one trumpet) and the other musicians didn't realize I was using such a small amp !