GSS Vintage Clean Master Head 45W guitar amplifier head

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100% developed and manufactured in France.

  1. State of the Art electronic design using carefully selected electronic components.

    Compact design with a very comfortable output power.

    Simplicity best serves sound quality: this product's features are purposely limited to prevent complex and numerous electronic stages from altering sound quality and raising power consumption (See company environment charter on site welcome page).

    Laser engraved aluminium enclosure.

    Automatic tube pre-heating circuit.

    Two stage 12AX7 tube based preamp section providing a very transparent and detailed clean sound for optimal respect of instrument and effect pedals' sound. Boost mode to get a crunchy / lightly saturated sound.

    Inputs/Outputs: One 1/4" input jack connector + one 1/4" headset output jack connector on the front panel. On the back panel: Two 1/4" loudspeaker output jacks + two 1/4" jack connectors for the effects loop (Send/Return).

  2. On/Off switch
    One gain + one volume potentiometer
    Low/High tone control
    Reverb adjust potentiometer
    Boost and Bright switches

  3. Weight: 4.2 Lbs. (1.9 Kg)

    Dimensions: 13 x 1.6 x 7.5 inches / 33 x 4.2 x 19 centimeters (Width x Height x Depth)

  4. 45 Watt over 8 Ohm

    Max. power THD: < 0,1 %

    Input impedance: 1 M Ohm

    Frequency response: 50-15000 Hz
    Automatic line voltage selection (120-240V / 50-60Hz)