Jack cable for replacement cabinet connection to mini amplifiers' CH2

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  1. Specific cable to connect "CH2" loudspeaker output of Guitar Sound Systems' previous generation 05G200 series or 06B400 mini amplifier (current generation is now using 1/4" Jack loudspeaker output connectors) to any 8 Ohm loudspeaker cabinet with a 1/4" (6.35mm) Jack  socket.

    High quality cable using a Rean / NeutrikTM connector and very flexible 8mm diameter SommercableTM wire.


  3. Cable length: 2.5 feet (75cm).


Customer reviews
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Seems a decent cable. This is not the cable you need for the jazz cat with the gss 05gc100 extension cab. The ch1 cable is the correct one.
Pete E.
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Highly useful.
Nick k.