BAT28Pb1 gel cell battery pack for GSS mini guitar and keyboard amps

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  1. Lead acid gell battery pack for Guitar Sound Systems' 05G200 series and 25G200 series mini guitar combos.

    These batteries also fit GSS' mini guitar amplifier heads (06B400GH and 06B400GH100) and GSS' mini power amps (06B400GPA).

    They can also be used to power GSS' KeyCube mini keyboard amplifier.

    BAT28Pb1 batteries are heavier than our LiPo intelligent battery packs, but they offer the double advantage of enhanced security (There are many airline travel restrictions to transporting LiPo batteries in a plane) and they also provide a longer cycle life (6 years / thousands cycles typically vs. one hundred ish charge/discharge cycles for LiPo technology).

    The BAT28Pb1 can be charged directly with your GSS 05G200 series or 25G200 series or 06B400GH series or 06B400GPA or KeyCube power adapter.

    It comes with a 3 feet (90 cm) cable to connect to the mini amplifier. An optional extension cable can be purchased separately (See related items list below).

    IMPORTANT: remember to keep charging your gel cell batteries on regular basis even if not used. As for car batteries, these need to be charged on regular basis to avoid severe reduction of their battery life.

    Nominal Capacity: 1200 mAH
    Battery life: over 4 hours at maximum power with GSS' 05G200 (over 2 hours with GSS' 25G200).
    Charge time: 12 hours.


  3. Weight: 2.85 Lbs. (1.3 Kg)
    Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 2.95 inches (100 x 100 x 75 mm)

  4. Nominal Voltage: 24-28 Volt