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GSS Baby Sumo AmpXlite bass/guitar power amp

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Guitar Sound Systems
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Compact & light weight guitar & bass Power Amp
Flat frequency response
Hifi sound
300 Watt 8 Ohm / 600 Watt 4 Ohm
439.90 €
399.90 €
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Unique size vs. power ratio.
  1. Very high quality electronics based on carefully selected components.

    Black steel and aluminium (front and back panels) enclosure. Laser printed front and back panels.

    Aluminium structure transport case included.

    This product can be modified upon request to work over 120V supply:
    Please add "Please ship 120V version" in the comment section while entering your order online and please allow 48 hours prior to shipment for us to modify your purchased product accordingly.
    FCC test reports are currently not available yet. All shipments to the US are under sole reponsibility of the buyer.

    All products shipping to the UK ship with a UK 3 prong power cord.
    All products shipping to North America ship with a US power cord.

  2. Inputs/outputs and controls : 1/4" (6,35mm) input jack connector on the front panel. Neutrik Speakon loudspeaker output connector on the back panel. One on/off power switch. Massive pure aluminium volume control.

  3. Weight: 3.3 Lbs (1.5 Kg)

    Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 8 inches / 13 x 8 x 20 centimeters (Width x Height x Depth)

  4. Power: 600 Watt over 4 Ohm; 300 Watt over 8 Ohms; 150 Watts over 16 Ohms.

    THD (at full power): < 0,1 %

    Input impedance: 10 K Ohm

    Power voltage: 180-264 Volt ac

    Frequency response (-1dB): 20-20000 Hz


  5. PBCPPlayer.asp?ID=2274447
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I already owned one Baby Sumo that I use with a collection of preamps twice a week. It has been rock-solid, low noise, lightweight and portable. Besides that, it looks like a literal piece of art. I've had zero issues so far despite using it constantly. However, I'm actually going on tour in a few weeks out of the country, so I wanted to buy a backup one just in case the power where I'm at is finicky or poor and fries my main Sumo (it's still 120V there, but you just never know).
Matt A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Me gusta mucho. Es pequeño y suena muy bien.
Peio z.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic power supply and the shipping was much faster than expected.
Kevin S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Loud and tiny. Exactly what I needed.
Emmett C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great all around!
Tim D.
Shopping Satisfaction
Amazing amp with a small foot print!
Tony E.
Shopping Satisfaction
Tiny little wonder. High end quality in sound, look and feel.
Roberto G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very impressed! Top quality product delivered very quickly. It arrived to the US in less time than domestic packages do.
Chad H.
Shopping Satisfaction
The Baby Sumo does exactly what I hoped for - plenty of clean power, completely uncoloured and no background hiss or fan noise. The construction is basic but seems robust. Inability to drive load impedance below 4 Ohms is an issue for me. A LED signal/peak indicator was added at my request.
David F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Three things I wish the sumo had
A power indicator light on the front of the unit
An additional balanced input for XLR direct out from my bass amp. My amps send is only Pre EQ, but the balanced XLR out can be switched between pre and post EQ.
Volume Knob needs a white line so I can see where the volume is set.
Still 5 stars.
Roxy M.