6S28V1 intelligent Lithium battery pack for Guitar Sound Systems' mini guitar amps

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  1. Intelligent battery pack based on LiPo technology batteries integrating a charger and protection electronics.

    Charges directly through connecting the battery pack to a 05G200 or 25G200 series mini amp power adapter.

    16 inch (40 centimeters) long cable to connect to the mini amp.
    A specific 3 feet (1m) extension cable can be purchased separately (See suggestions field below).

    Limited max. charging current: 0.8 Amps.
    Battery life: 12 hours with the 05G200 mini amp playing at loudspeaker saturation limit.
    The batteries are fully charged within approximately 4 hours.
    The RED led remains ON during the entire charging cycle and turns down once charging is completed.


  3. Weight: 1 Pound (550 grams)
    Dimensions: 6 x 3.15 x 2 inches (150 x 80 x 50 mm)


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Quick to fully charge.
Stan S.
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Great unit.
Nick cody (the small change diaries).