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GSS 15+6 active cab (powered cab) for bass and upright bass

Guitar Sound Systems
(Code: AC0002WO)
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Compact active FRFR cab
For bass, upright bass & keyboards

15" +6.5" from PHL Audio
Optional dome tweeter
250 + 500 Watt digital amplifier
DSP based active filter

With/without tweeter :
2,100.00 €
1,645.00 €
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Active cabinet for guitar, bass ans keyboards made of PEFC poplar wood.

  1. Active cabinet loaded with two high-efficicency loudspeakers: One PHL Audio 15" neodymium 4" voice coil woofer and one PHL Audio 6.5" mid-high covering a wide 300 Hz to 7 KHz frequency range.

    Its electronic module integrates two power amplifier modules (500 Watt to drive the bass woofer + 250 Watt to drive the mid-high loudspeaker) and a Digital Signal Processor based digital filter.

    Very flat frequency response with a smooth and detailed sound.

    Suitable for both electric bass and upright bass due to its very neutral and detailed sound with very natural acoustic tones.

    Colour : black

    Optional tweeter extends its frequency range to 18 KHz.

  2. This active cabinet must be used with either an external preamp or a Digital Effects Processor (floorboard or rackmount). That preamp / effect processor must be able to drive a 10 KOhm input impedance.

    Please prefer the optional tweeter version if you wish to use this active cabinet with a keyboard.

    Female XLR connector input (3 pin).

    Male XLR output connector can be used either as a DI Out or to chain multiple active speakers to gain acoustic power (up to six GSS 12+6 active cabs can be chained).

  3. Weight : 18 Kg (40 Pounds)

    Dimensions : 27.5"x 17.7" x 14,5" / 70 x 45 x 37 centimètres (H x W x D)

  4. Power : 500 Watt + 250 Watt (one power amplifier per loudspeaker)

    Frequency range : 35 Hz to 7 KHz (35 Hz to 18 KHz with optional tweeter)


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