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GSS 1000W Sumo guitar & bass power amp

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Guitar Sound Systems
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Compact & light weight bass Power Amp
Flat frequency response
Hifi sound
500 Watt 8 Ohm / 1000 Watt 4 Ohm
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549.90 €
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A unique size vs. power ratio.

  1. New revision with higher gain allowing easier matching with most preamps and effect processors available on the market today.

    Very high quality electronics based on carefully selected components.

    Black steel and aluminium (front and back panels) enclosure. Laser printed front and back panels.

    This product can be modified upon request to work over 120V supply:
    Please add "Please ship 120V version" in the comment section while entering your order online and please allow 48 hours prior to shipment for us to modify your purchased product accordingly.
    FCC test reports are currently not available. All shipments to the US are under sole reponsibility of the buyer.

    All products shipping to the UK ship with a UK 3 prong power cord.
    All products shipping to North America ship with a US power cord.

  2. Inputs/outputs and controls: 1/4" (6,35mm) input jack connector on the front panel. Neutrik Speakon loudspeaker output connector on the back panel. One on/off power switch. Massive pure aluminium volume control.

  3. Weight: 4.4 Lbs (2 Kg)

    Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 10 inches / 13 x 8 x 26 centimeters (Width x Height x Depth)

  4. Power: 1000 Watts over 4 Ohms; 500 Watts over 8 Ohms; 250 Watts over 16 Ohms.

    THD (at full power): < 0,1 %

    Input impedance: 10 K Ohms

    Power voltage: 180-264 Volt ac

    Frequency response (-1dB): 20-20000 Hz

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Bought this as a power amp to my 90's Eden Traveller Amps. The Sumo proved to be a brilliant addition: Power to spare, dead silent, sleek design, transparent but still punchy and a great combi with my Barefaced cabs. Connecting it to the effects-out and the XLR both worked. I prefer the XLR sound (closer to the warm Eden output), but that's a matter of taste. Both sound great. Feel safer going into gigs now (Edens get hot with the risk of shutting down - also noticeable hum). Thanks so much!!
Luc B.
Shopping Satisfaction
You got it absolutly right ! the 1000 W Sumo is really transparent and powerful ! I love it !!!
Christian G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Loud and clear. Came in unexpected carry case as well. Addition of clipping LED was much appreciated as well.
John C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Awesome Amp, great for Use with Helix,Kemper etc.
Guido S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very satisfied, powerful amp in a cool package.
Hans P.
Shopping Satisfaction
The Sumo 1000 was ordered to create a flexible and lightweight rig paired to a Mesa preamp pedal. After a gig and two rehearsals with it I am really happy at how powerful the Sumo is and how closely my light rig matches my Mesa Venture 600 Mosfet amp. Didier you have created a truly great piece of kit at an astonishingly musician friendly price point. Kudos to you sir!
Harry B.
Many thanks ! Will do my best to keep releasing great sounding products at musician friendly prices on regular basis...Didier.