GSS 06BC200 1x6,5" Mini Bass Cabinet

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A unique size vs. acoustic power ratio.

  1. Croco pattern faux leather.

    New black iron grid providing lower loudspeaker compression.

    Ideal complementary cabinet to the 06B400 mini bass amp: adding a 06BC200 quadruples the acoustic power of the 06B400 which integrates a 2x100 Watt RMS stereo amplifier ( + coupling effect of the two loudspeakers). This amplifier + complementary cabinet combination competes with solutions weighing at least 2x more !

    The 06BC200 bass cabinet can be used with any bass head which can be set with a power limit of 100 Watt RMS over 8 Ohm.

    When connected to a 06B400MKD mini monitor, the 06BC200 will help boost the bass kick in electronic drums amplification. 

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: this product requires a non-included specific SPESPC75-1 cable to be used as a complementary cabinet with the 06B400 mini bass combo.

  2. Connector: one Speakon socket.

  3. Very low weight: 13 Pounds (6.5 Kg).

  4. 6,5" (17cm) PHL Audio loudspeaker:
    - power: 100 Watt AES
    - Efficiency: 94dB for 1Watt / 1m
    - Impedance: 8 Ohms