GSS 05GC100 5 inch loudspeaker mini guitar cabinet

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A unique size vs. acoustic power ratio.

  1. Ideal complementary cabinet to the 05G200 mini guitar amp: adding a 05GC100 quadruples the acoustic power of the 05G200. The 05G200 mini guitar amp integrates two 50W amplifiers and the second 50W amp is only turned on when a complementary cab is connected. When stacking the 05G200 and the 05GC100 on top of each other, the 05G200's acoustic power gets quadrupled due to the acoustic coupling effect.

    The 05G200 mini guitar amp + the 05GC100 complementary cab combination plays in the same power league as any 50-100 Watts RMS combo weighing 20-30 Pounds (10-15 Kgs) !

    Croco pattern faux leather.

    Requires a specific cable to connect to the 05G200 mini guitar amp's CH1 output socket (see "cables" section of the "Products" menu of our welcome page).

    5 inch (13cm) Celestion loudspeaker.

  2. Connector: lockable 1/4" jack

  3. Very low weight: 3 Pounds (1,5 Kgs)

  4. - Power: 50 Watt AES
    - Efficiency: 91dB for 1Watt / 1m
    - Impedance: 8 Ohm

Customer reviews
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High quality materials and seems really well made. I have not used it yet so canít comment on sound quality.
Pete E.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works brilliantly with the jazz amp.
Nick k.