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Speakon cable for replacement cabinet connection to mini amplifiers' CH2
17.90 €
(-11.17%) 15.90 €
In Stock
Specific Neutrik SpeakonTM cable
For GSS previous gen 06B400 amps
Length : 2.5 feet (75cm)
Hand manufactured in France
Pro Power Supply Unit for GSS 06B400BH/BPA/GPA100/GH100
149.90 €
(-13.34%) 129.90 €
In Stock
160W Pro PSU
For GSS 06B400BH/GH100/BPA/GPA100 heads & 06B400 / 26B400 combos
Provides additional power headroom
Provides best sound quality and improved reliability
Leather strap for 25G200SLP 100W mini guitar stack
19.00 €
(-21.05%) 15.00 €
In Stock

 Standard guitar strap

For 25G200SLP mini combo
Split leather


Single contact Foot switch Tube Sandwich guitar amplifier head
33.00 €
(-21.24%) 25.99 €
In Stock
SPST (single contact) footswitch
Simple & rugged design
Ideal for GSS Tube Sandwich

BAT28Pb1 gel cell battery pack for GSS mini guitar and keyboard amps
119.90 €
(-19.10%) 97.00 €
In Stock
Up to 4 hour Life Time
Gel cell battery pack
Fits GSS' 05G200 / 25G200 series & Vintage Clean Master guitar combos, GSS' 08GA70 Acoustic Dog, GSS' 06B400GH / GPA, Tube Sandwich, Vintage Clean Master Head, GSS' KeyCube mini keyboard amp
3 feet (1m) battery pack extension cable for mini guitar amp
24.00 €
(-25.00%) 18.00 €
In Stock
3 feet (1m) extension cable
Extends distance between battery pack and GSS amplifier
GSS 6S28V1 battery tester
19.00 €
(-21.05%) 15.00 €
In Stock
Small LiPo 6S battery tester
For GSS 6S28V1 battery pack
GSS 7S35V2 battery tester
19.00 €
(-21.05%) 15.00 €
In Stock
Small 7S LiPo battery tester
For GSS 7S35V2 battery pack