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GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet

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Pack with mini amplifier head :
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GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet
  • GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet
  • GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet
  • GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet
  • GSS Double8 2 x 8" bass cabinet

As always with Guitar Sound Systems, this product has a unique size vs. acoustic power ratio.

The use of two top quality 8" loudspeakers provides an amazing blend of fast and powerful low-end with the type of cristal clear treble which any "standard" 10 or 12 or 15" loudspeaker configuration is badly missing.

Two great 8" Celestion driver units with Kevlar loaded paper cones:
- Power: 200 Watts AES
- Efficiency: 97dB
- Impedance: 1 x 4 Ohms or 2 x 8 Ohms

Connectors: two Neutrik Speakon plugs.

Two amplification options (selected through the switch which is located between the two Speakon connectors):
- Parallel wiring of the 2 loudspeakers for use with a 200 Watts / 4Ohms amplifier head.
- Connection to two 100 Watts / 8 Ohms amplifiers (Each loudspeaker is then connected to its own independant amplifier module): this is the configuration used when connecting the Double8 cab to the 06B400BH amplifier head which is integrating two independant 100 Watts RMS modules.

The cabinet is manufactured with high quality Poplar wood sourced exclusively from sustainable forests (PEFC certified wood).
Internal cab damping: recycled coton wool.
Eight black metal corner protectors.
Large top-rear carry handle.
Entirely hand assembled in France.

Very light weight: 25 Pounds (11.5 Kg)

The Double8 can be used with any bass amplifier head which output power can be limited to 200 Watts RMS over 4 Ohms.

Also available as a pack with a 06B400BH 200 Watts mini bass amplifier head for only 145.90 Euro extra (P/N: Double8c). The specific cables necessary to connect a 06B400BH bass amplifier head to a Double8 cab are included in the Double8c pack.

A specific version with 8 rubber feet is also available (P/N: Double8-S). TheDouble8-S is a stackable version with 4 additional feet mounted on one of the cabinet's sides so a first cab can be laid on the floor and then one or two or three additional Double8 cabs can be stacked on top. The resulting low end level and acoustic pressure is then ideal for large stage performances while the intrinsic qualities of the 8" Celestion loudspeakers are preserved. Please feel free to send us any question regarding amplification and cabling.
Stacking (8 rubber feet) option cost: +15 Euro including Taxes.

Link to the video test of the Double8 posted on our YouTube channel GSS TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXipM1aEczU