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GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp

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GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
  • GSS 06B400 Mini Bass Amp
A unique size vs. acoustic power ratio.

New version of the 06B400 :
- Fine steel grid for lower loudspeaker front wave compression
- 1/4" (6.35mm) Jack speaker outputs

Elegant high quality finish :
- High quality materials
- 100% aluminum, fully shielded electronic enclosure
- Croco pattern faux leather cabinet

TOP quality electronics :
- The renowned electronic amplifier circuit used is the result of numerous hours of selective tests
- Very careful electronic schematic design and implementation
- No stiff cost optimization which would have leaded to using low quality components and over simplifying the electronic schematic
- Highly optimized power supply blocks with numerous independent regulation stages and many LC filtering stages
A true Reference loudspeaker from PHL Audio. This loudspeaker has been carefully selected for its unique set of characteristics and its amazing sound quality.

Simplicity best serves sound quality : This product's features have been voluntarily limited to prevent too many / too complex electronic stages from altering sound quality and raising power consumption (Cf. company's environment charter).

Its unique ability to transparently amplify instruments' tones positions the 06B400 as the best cello amplifier currently available. It is also an ideal 3/4 upright bass amplifier for the same reason and its bigger brother - the 26B400 - is the ideal amplifier to all upright bass players.

Settings : One mute switch, one gain potentiometer, three Low/Medium/High frequency adjustment potentiometers.

Two use positions : 45 degrees tilt adjust.

Dimensions (H x W x D) :
10.8 x 9.6 x 14.2 inches (
275 x 245 x 360 mm)

Weight :
Amplifier : 17.6 Lbs (8 Kg)
Power adapter : 0.7 lbs (300 g)
Power cord : 0.44 lbs (200 g)

Technical specification :
2 x 100 Watt R.M.S. amplifier
  (adding a 2nd loudspeaker cabinet such as the 06BC200 automatically turns on the integrated 2nd 100W R.M.S. amplifier)
Amplifier efficiency : > 93% 
Amplifier THD (1W/1kHz) : < 0,07%
Amplifier SNR (1kHz max. power) : 80 dB
Nominal DC voltage supply : 35 Volt
Power consumption in stand-by mode : 1.5 Watt max.
Max. operating temperature : 40 Celcius degrees

Frequency response (-10dB) : 55 - 7000 Hz

Loudspeaker efficiency 
: 94 dB

SPL Max : 114dB
Continuous SPL : 108dB

Auto-switch power supply allows operation over 100-120 to 200-240 Volts (50/60Hz).
All products shipping to the UK ship with a UK 3 prong power cord.
All products shipping to North America ship with a US 3 prong power cord.

Color : black