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GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp

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GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp
  • GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp
  • GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp
  • GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp
  • GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp
  • GSS 05G200SB Mini Guitar Amp

A unique size vs. acoustic power ratio.

Elegant high quality finish:
- High quality materials
- 100% aluminum, fully shielded electronic enclosure
- Black 3mm thick painted and anodized aluminum grid (no basic painted steel)
- Croco pattern faux leather cabinet

TOP quality electronics:
- The renowned electronic amplifier circuit used is the result of numerous hours of selective tests
- Very careful electronic schematic design and implementation
- No stiff cost optimization which would have leaded to using low quality components and over simplifying the electronic schematic
- Highly optimized power supply blocks with numerous independent regulation stages and many LC filtering stages
Special loudspeaker manufactured by Jensen / Sica: its frequency response curve has a dip in the mids (V-shaped frequency response) while the Celestion speaker used on the "standard" 05G200 has a completely flat mid frequencies response curve. As a result, this special speaker makes the amp sound more "bluesy".

Simplicity best serves sound quality: This product's features have been voluntarily limited to prevent too many / too complex electronic stages from altering sound quality and raising power consumption (Cf. company's environment charter).

Settings: One mute switch, one distorsion ON/OFF switch, one gain potentiometer, one distorsion level adjustment potentiometer.

Dimensions (H x W x D):
5.6 x 6 x 7.2 inches (142 x 152 x 182 mm)

Amplifier: 2 Kg
Power adapter: 300 g
Power cord: 200 g

Technical specification:
2 x 50 Watts R.M.S. stereo amplifier
  (adding a 2nd loudspeaker cabinet such as the 05GC100 automatically turns on the integrated 2nd 50W R.M.S. amplifier)
Amplifier efficiency: >86% 
Amplifier THD (1W/1kHz): <0,04%
Amplifier SNR (1kHz max. power): 81 dB
Nominal DC voltage supply: 28 Volts
Power consumption in stand-by mode: 1.5 Watt max.
Max. operating temperature: 40 Celcius degrees

Frequency response (-10dB) : 120-12000 Hz

Loudspeaker efficiency: 91.5 dB
SPL Max: 108.5dB
Continuous SPL: 102.5dB

Auto-switch power supply allows operation over 100-120 to 200-240 Volts (50/60Hz).
All products shipping to the UK ship with a UK 3 prong power cord.
All products shipping to North Amrecia ship with a US 3 prong power cord.

Color: black and blue