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Other accessories

Custom padded bag for GSS' 05G200 and Key Cube mini amplifiers
34.90 €(£ 30.24)
(-14.33%) 29.90 €(£ 25.91)
Ideal travel and storage bag / cover for GSS' 05G200 series mini guitar amplifiers, GSS' 05GC100 mini guitar cab and GSS' Key Cube mini keyboard amplifier.
Custom padded bag for GSS 06B400 mini  bass amp and GSS' 08GCxxx guitar cab
42.00 €(£ 36.39)
(-16.90%) 34.90 €(£ 30.24)

Ideal transport and storage bag for GSS' 06B400 bass amplifier, or GSS' 08G15 / 08GC200 guitar cabs with their companion 06B400GH or Tube Sandwich amplifier heads.
Also suitable for Roland AC-40 amplifier.

Cover for GSS Vintage Clean Master guitar combo and GSS Creamlite 12 guitar cabinet
83.00 €(£ 71.91)
(-16.87%) 69.00 €(£ 59.78)

Custom padded cover for GSS' Vintage Clean Master guitar combo and GSS' Creamlite12 guitar cabinet

Padded cover for GSS Single12 and Four6 bass cabinet
79.00 €(£ 68.45)
(-17.72%) 65.00 €(£ 56.32)

Custom made padded cover which fits a Single12 or a Four6 cabinet.

Small case for GSS 06B400XX
19.00 €(£ 16.46)
(-10.53%) 17.00 €(£ 14.73)

Small black plastic case for GSS' mini amplifier heads and mini power amps (06B400xx).

Leather strap for 25G200SLP 100W mini guitar stack
19.00 €(£ 16.46)
(-21.05%) 15.00 €(£ 13.00)

Leather guitar strap useable with any guitar and ideal with the 25G200SLP 100W mini guitar stack.

Single contact Foot switch Tube Sandwich guitar amplifier head
33.00 €(£ 28.59)
(-21.24%) 25.99 €(£ 22.52)
All metal SPST (single contact) footswitch for GSS' "Tube Sandwich" guitar amplifier head.