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Guitar Sound Systems' environment charter

Environment Charter
In partnership with our suppliers and sub-contractors, the materials and construction methods of this product are environment friendly, as part of the « Eco-Design » scheme set by Guitar Sound Systems. This product’s energy consumption has been carefully optimized. This means that the product’s impact on the environment throughout its life cycle is minimized.

An Eco-designed product :
Our Eco-design scheme :
- Policy of managing and sorting waste
- Reuse of raw materials’ and supplies’ packaging material for the shipment of our products
- Reduce the use of packaging plastics and notably plastic bags
- Use of recycled coton wool as damping material for our loudspeaker cabinets
- Reduce energy consumption in the assembly process
- Reduce the amount of adhesives used in the assembly process
- Use of woods harvested from eco-managed forests for all multiply used in our mid-range and high-end products
- Reduce the amount of LED diodes used in our products
- Use of switching power supplies and high efficiency digital amplifier circuits

Be environment friendly:
- Disconnecting the power adapter from the electrical outlet after each use will help save residual energy consumed in standby mode
- Adjust the output power of the amplifier to a comfortable, yet not excessively high level to reduce its power consumption

Guitar Sound Systems’ commitments :
Guitar Sound Systems has developed an environment friendly design program for its products. This project has been developed following the directives of the European Commission and following the guide lines of the Conseil Régional de Midi-Pyrénées (Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council) and the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency). Products’ life cycle and functional analysis enables us to introduce products to the market which become more and more environment friendly.